I Am Writing :: Spring Break Style

I wrote a bit about our favorite sandy hangout, Shell Beach, while on location today!

The view.

The kids.

The mamas.

The writer.

It was short lived - but well appreciated. Really, what job could be better than this?


Liquid Pen said...


kangaroo said...

good for you mama. what a great place to foster creativity.

Rose said...

I am SO bummed that we couldn't be there today!

Looks like fun time was had by all!

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Juju Mamas - look at the times you all commented(all right after I posted)! Ha - guess the babes are all sleeping soundly... I missed you ladies today.

eringoodman said...

ahhhhh...that sure does look nice.

Mothering Two said...

yesterday was so beautiful at the beach! happy to see that you also were enjoying its lurv. :)