Natural Nester Easter Baskets

I had so much fun putting Easter baskets together for my little chicks this year. There were two main themes - birds & crafts.

Each girl is receiving a plush Audubon bird that makes a real bird call. The Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher is a beautifully-colored fancy flier, capable of mid-air somersaults and zigzag flight - perfect for Selby. And my duck lover, Sage gets the green-headed Mallard.
Inspired by SouleMama's section on embroidering with children in her book The Creative Family, Selby's basket includes an embroidery hoop, plastic children's sewing needles, burlap and some pastel embroidery floss. Sage's basket includes some egg-shaped Crayola Beginnings markers and Easter-egg hued craft yarn.
Other goodies tucked among the fat quarters of pretty green fabric I used as filler in each basket include small wooden bird house wind chimes, fabric eggs, pinwheels, toothbrushes and, of course, a few chocolate treats. I have a feeling I'll wake to the sound of birds in the morning!

Happy Easter!

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marcy said...

The family nest was very warm and cozy this Easter - just what was called for - and you did it!
The Easter baskets for the little chicks are so thoughtfully done. The girls are truly "lucky ducks."
No Easter will ever top the one where you and your sister left white paw prints throughout the house(baby powder) leading to an Easter Bunny treat for your parents. This gang is "over the top in creativity."
Hugs, Nana Marcy