I Am Writing :: Against All Odds

I have been home with sick kids, and a bit of illness myself, all week. But despite the fevers, the sniffles and all other array of symptoms, I have been writing. I sneaked in writing time during marathons of children's programming (forgive me) and during tiny snippets of pain-reliever induced play. I ran between my computer and the oven while making dinners. I laid in bed at night composing, editing, drafting.

The result - a finished article, complete with interview quotes, sidebars and accompanying photos.

This article has been a long time coming. This weekend, I shall prepare it for proposal. And hopefully, soon, I can share it with you, in print.

In the meantime, my wheels are turning on a new piece about Mindful Crafting. Anyone want to weigh in on this one?


kangaroo said...

well done, mama.

Liquid Pen said...

you ROCK.

Cate said...

go, mama, go!

Kangaroo said...

check out this blog I just found through park city girl; it's all about therapeutic / mindful crafting. powerful stuff.