Many Hats

No matter how many hats I've seen her in over the years...

Nothing quite prepared me for this one:

In just a few short months, she'll be off to kindergarten. My heart swells with pride, and aches a little too, knowing now just how fast it all goes. I'm so honored to have my children as daily reminders to be present in the moment. And I'm doing my very best to soak in each and every one.


SwedeLife said...

It is moving mighty fast all of a sudden, isn't it? Kindergarden is such a milestone. Soon life with littles will give way to school- age mothering. At least we will all be in together, still

Kangaroo said...

i was NOT prepared for my reaction to this post... *sniffle* she is SUCH a big girl! i still remember our big huge bellies sitting in those horribly uncomfortable chairs in childbirth classes (until we were smart enough to sit on the floor...)