We're in transition in my household. School is out and Summer camp is on the horizon. This will be a way-scaled-back schedule for my oldest chick - and me - and we're both looking forward to the slower days of Summer. Days full of swimming, beach trips, picnics and play dates. The rhythm of our days is changing and we're all delighting in the slower mornings, sun-filled days and later nights.

There's another transition happening here: my littlest chick has stopped nursing. She's gracefully making that shift from baby to little girl, taking in this big, wide world and deciding how to make it hers. I'm not grieving the loss of this special phase with her as I thought I might. After 27 months of sharing my body with her in pregnancy and breastfeeding, our bond is tight. And now, every day, I'm showered with sweet little girl kisses, big toothy smiles and symphonies of giggles.

Seasons change. Life changes. I am simply trying to remain grounded in the moment. Present in the here and now, being with the transitions and embracing what emerges with each new stage of our lives.


Kangaroo said...

and doing a fabulous job of it, i might add.

Erin said...

That's quite a transition. Congrats for nursing for 27 months!

Rose said...


You always have such lovely thoughts to share.

eringoodman said...

thank you for this my friend.

we too are in the midst of similar transitions.

last month my son weaned after nearly three years of nursing and this week he began potty learning.

we've also given up daycare for the summer and preschool ends next week so our "schedule" is going to feel a whole lot different.

although all of these things are positive changes, i have been feeling anything but grounded this week...until i read your post.

thank you.

catching caterpillars said...

you give me goosebumps and make me teary :-)