Creative Enlightenment

You know that time after dinner when the kids are both amped up from food and winding down from the day? Walking the line between helping them burn off extra energy and not creating an overtired child can be tricky. Tonight's activity was spontaneous and perfect.

One garden statue.

Plus sidewalk chalk.

Equals creative enlightenment!

My girls went crazy for this activity, which put a smile on everyone's face. Namaste.


Kangaroo said...

it turned out SO beautifully!! just looking at that last picture makes me feel a bit more enlightened. thank you!

Liquid Pen said...

This is awesome. Truly inspired.

Kathie said...

Their work of art is lovely. They did such a wonderful job!

Funny you should post this. The little and I experienced Sidewalk chalk for the first time this past weekend. I took pictures but have to upload and post. Might do that this weekend. :)

Rose said...


Carrie :: The Rocking Yak said...

I love this project your little ones did. The photos reminded me of the festival of colors that is celebrated in India.

eringoodman said...

so beautiful my friend.

so beautiful.