A Perfect 5

Selby turned 5 today - and what a perfect day it was. A pancake breakfast. An afternoon at Shell Beach with our village of friends (15 kids and 8 mamas today!).

And a family celebration complete with ice cream cake and plenty of presents.

A "perfect 5" I hope she will always remember. I know I will.


Kangaroo said...

i spent as much time as 15 kids near a body of water would allow me to with your sweet selby this morning, and the last five years washed over me like the waves...remembering our big bellies, our initial support of each other during our first births, our sweet babies...and now just look at her. she is strikingly beautiful, sweet, deliberate, and magical. congratulations, mama.

SwedeLife said...

I can't say" miss you!" one more time, but I do! What a sweet, wonderful gorl. Happy 5 years! YAY! for a sunny, happy childhood.
Another human being started out right, ready to live up to her full potential!

eringoodman said...

what a wonderful celebration!

we are getting ready to celebrate lily's 5th birthday this weekend.

i'm finding myself reflecting a lot, not just on her five years but on my own growth as a mother, finding my voice, learning to live in the moment etc.

cathy said...

what a fun bday celebration... we loved seeing you guys! Can't wait to get settled nad have you guys up to Tampa :) have a great trip! Cant wait to see a blog every day while you are vacationing :) LOL!