Day 3 :: Give Me a Break

Part Two - Kindness to Self

One of my favorite pearls of wisdom to offer others is to "treat yourself with the same compassion you would give a good friend." This sentiment is easier doled out than followed through upon. Since childhood, I have held myself to very high standards; in turn, I pay a hefty price when I don't meet the mark.

Today, I begin to work on compassion for myself. For me, this means relaxing my standards. Doing less. Loving myself more. Moving my self care up on the priority list. I have a lot more thoughts on ways to do this, and will be looking at them individually here over the next few weeks. But for today, I just wish to take that first step of moving into a new consciousness. One based in kindness and compassion, and free of judgment, for myself.


Kangaroo said...

it is so hard, isn't it? but again, very well timed, as we enter the second new moon in cancer--a new moon devoted to compassion, and to second chances. it floors me how we all find ourselves in similar places in this lunar cycle. through the struggle and the scatter into the forgiveness and the calm, we ebb and flow with each other's support, and i am so grateful.

Rose said...

Oh yes, I think all mothers need to cut themselves a little slack. I have lowered so many of my standards, but I still feel like I have quite a way to go.

And well said, kangaroo. I couldn't agree more!