Countdown to K :: New Moon in Kindergarten

I gathered with my New Moon Sisters last night to honor the New Moon in Virgo, or as we renamed it, the New Moon in Kindergarten! So many of our biggest chicks are taking their first flights from the nest next week. So we set a group intention for smooth transitions - both for kiddos and mamas alike.

And then we got down to some mindful crafting. Last night's mission was power sticks. We each decorated found sticks, as well as began work on a communal one to use as a talking stick at our circles.

I used a piece of driftwood from Shell Beach and decorated it with stones and shells I've collected over the years, as well as some beads and ribbon. The idea is to keep adding to it as time goes by.

I plan to keep my power stick on my altar as a reminder of the peace the beach brings me - which is what inspired me in this craft. I'm not sure if I will use it in mediation, or just how it will come into play...but as my relationship with it develops, I'll let you know.

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Kangaroo said...

Um, WOW. This is so beautiful. What an incredible manifestation! I was with you in spirit as much as I possibly could be, and thank you all for holding me in the sacred space.