Countdown to K :: Road Trip

With my oldest chick starting Kindergarten next week, we decided an end-of-summer road trip was in store. And an invitation to stay with our long-time friend and his family (3 boys!) at their beach house in the Florida panhandle sealed the deal. We took off early last Friday for an 8-hour trek up the state to Cape San Blas.

It rained our first whole day there, keeping us away from the beach. So, to my delight, we drove into Apalachicola and spent the day tooling around this tiny eclectic town, packed with antique shops and super-cute stores (thank you rain!).

The skies cleared just in time for an early dinner overlooking the Bay, where I feasted on Apalachicola oysters on the half shell, Gulf shrimp and cheese grits. Yum!

We returned to the beach house just in time for a sunset swim in the Gulf, followed by a two-family game of Ocean Bingo, complete with beach-themed prizes.

It was truly a fun-filled weekend, and a fabulous kick-off to our last week before school starts.


Courtney D. said...

I'm from a city very close to there! (I'm from Panama City Beach, FL) I grew up going Scalloping and camping in Cape San Blas and spending weekends at B & B's with my mom ... endless hours in all of those adorable stores (my mom loves antiquing)! So great to see this post!!

Rose said...

What a great weekend!

I think little trips like that are the way to go when you're traveling with little ones. Any longer than that, and it starts feeling more like work and less like vacation.

Ann said...

I love road trips and my last big one was around Scotland and over to the Isle of Skye. Your trip sounded just great. I am planning a trip to Savannah GA in October to see my son who lives there and he has plans for us to do a road trip - so here's hoping its a good one. Enjoy!

eringoodman said...

what fun!!!

i can't decide what i love more -- your gorgeous photographs or your beautiful descriptions.