Day 23 :: Loving Kindness

“You don’t need to actively seek out opportunities to be compassionate; they are all around you in your everyday life. Simply awaken your own instinct for goodness and help alleviate suffering wherever you encounter it." - Marcel Proust

I've been writing a lot about kindness here; about acts of kindness to others and to myself. A reader pointed out that my post titled Random Acts of Kindness was really not properly named, as random implies anonymous - or doing something unexpected for a stranger. What I was doing was simply being kind to people I know and love. This is easier, although not to be discounted. This helped me realize I was just skimming the surface of practicing loving kindness. This weekend, I am focusing on true "random" acts of kindness, deepening my practice to where my love extends beyond friends and family to all people (and other sentient beings) - from those I pass on the street to those I hear about on the news.

May we all be happy.

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Arlan Berglas said...

Act locally, think globally!

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