A Formula Facelift

Remember my formula for household organization that I posted about last spring? It's still very alive and well in my home. But the ugly signs that listed my daily chores finally had to go. When I saw this old window pane at a thrift store near my house I brought it home, knowing exactly how I would use it.

A little chalkboard paint and ...ta da! My left-brained formula got itself a right-brained facelift!

This simple - and now attractive - list of daily duties truly helps me keep my nest in order. It hangs on the wall near my laundry room and kitchen. And each morning, I know what I have to do in a glance. Then, as I have a few free moments throughout the day, I knock out the list. I no longer make myself crazy trying to do too much each day...or being so overwhelmed I don't know where to start.

I'm loving this system!


Kangaroo said...

I am LOVING this! What a SCORE, and the little pot? Are you kidding me?

My formula--Mama Bird inspired--is alive and well also. I'm in the process of creating a family organization center based on this simple guideline. Thank you so much!

SwedeLife said...

So cute, and yeah, that is awesome.

eringoodman said...

oh i just love it!!! great job mama!!!

gardenmama said...

What a sweet idea!
Great job : )