Cosmic Confusion

Mercury in Retrograde has got me down a bit. For the past several days, a combination of technical difficulties and family situations have kept me away from this space. I have things I want to share; ideas I want to explore. But for now, I'm practicing patience and waiting...

- for the return of my technical support (DaddyBird has been away)
- for my littlest chick's fever to fade
- for some relief for my dad, who's visiting his fourth hospital in so many months
- and for a few moments to myself to regroup, reinforce and rebound

Tuesday is the Autumnal Equinox, which heralds in a time of cosmic balance. Perhaps this new planetary pull will help me better balance the chaos ...and return to this space. See you soon!

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Kangaroo said...

I don't ever remember a Mercury retrograde--since I've known what that means, anyway--that has packed such a punch. I will be very glad to welcome this Equinox with you, my friend!