A Nest of My Own

A found nest, gifted by the August New Moon (w. decorative eggs)
Nesting comes naturally to me. Like a bird, the skill is innate to gather elements of my environment and weave them together to create a safe haven. I do this literally in my own home - as so many women do - continuously working to craft a warm, comforting landing place for my family. And I do this figuratively too, striving to make nests around friends and family, woven together with patience, acceptance and love.

An artful nest, gifted by my sister (w. a little bird from Snip & Snail)
Lately, I've been blessed with many gifted nests, each one unique in it's design, but unified in it's message. I believe they have come to me as reminders to feather my own nest. They seem to suggest that I use my unique, creative abilities and my commitment to mindful & compassionate living to reinforce a nest of my own.

An illuminated nest, gifted by my energy worker & friend
As any mama bird knows, caring for ourselves is often the last item on a long list. I am grateful for these gentle reminders to tend to self.


SwedeLife said...


Liquid Pen said...

A beautiful collection of nests! Reminders indeed.

Rose said...

Thanks for the reminder. I am feeling a bit icky today and I don't really know why.

(Nice photos!)

gardenmama said...

beautiful nests!
we have a few that we found this spring, such intricate design!

eringoodman said...

this is just beautiful liz. thank you.