A Squirrelly Week

Over the past week, as part of our focus on Fall, we got a little squirrelly around here. We did squirrel art using crushed up shredded wheat to create "bushy" tails. I just love my nephew's Indiana Jones Squirrel!

We read The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri, The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrice Potter and Nuts to You! by Lois Ehlert.

We got a bit nutty too and made homemade nut butter by roasting mixed nuts and then pureeing them in the food processor with oil (2 T oil per 1 cup nuts).

And a visit to Nana's house provided the perfect nature outing for Selby to log in her nature journal. Nana showed us the mess squirrels had left on her driveway after a feeding frenzy. Dozens of pine cone scales were scattered about, along with the naked remains of the cone. (The squirrels eat the pine seeds, hidden under the scales.) Selby collected a few scales and some pine needles from the driveway and glued them in her nature journal. She also drew the "scene" complete with a squirrel and we're writing a small story about what she saw and learned.

This week's focus: apples & harvesting.


Rose said...

Wishing I had a nature journal, too....

Cate said...

indiana jones squirrel? so awesome. my sis-in-law was telling me that there is an indiana jones mister potato head. selby's made me giggle. i love her playfulness.

could you tell us a bit more about her nature journal, liz?