Holiday Memories

This holiday season is a whirlwind of emotion for me, and as Christmas Eve draws near, I feel myself getting more and more discombobulated. I missed the Solstice - it came and went without even a candle lit in its honor on my Winter altar.
In fact, I didn't even realize its passing until I sat down and caught up on my blogs this morning. There are so many beautiful, creative and thoughtful things out in the blogosphere this season. In reading and browsing, I began to lament the opportunities I've missed. So I'm taking a moment to focus on what I have done this season.

We have a lovely tree. I repaired my childhood Christmas Calendar for my children (and the little girl in me) to enjoy. I made two families of wooden little people, small enough to tuck into a little bed of moss in a tin can, for my girls' stockings (photos of these to come later).
I passed out jars of homemade granola in hand-decorated bags (those little trees are made from fern clippings) to teachers and hostesses. I enjoyed a special girls day with my little chicks, baking ginger cookies and painting our toenails in holiday colors.
And so, I remind myself that this is enough. New memories are being created, memories my children will cherish as much as I cherish those of my childhood. I open my heart, letting these new holiday moments intermingle with those of Christmases past. I breathe a little deeper, knowing that although everything is always changing around us, these special memories are frozen in time.

May you have a peaceful holiday full of
timeless memories & never ending joys.


Rose said...

Oh but you HAVE given your girls alot, and you HAVE done alot! You have given them a mama who is not all stressed out and trying to do it all this year. One who is fully present in the moment and is aware of what is important and what isn't.

Holidays blessings to your nest!!

Erin said...

Happy Holidays to you & your family :)

Cate said...

having small children is no joke. your energy has to go there a lot of the time. i have to forgive myself daily for the things that get left undone. i don't think that the goddess minds-this is her realm after all. the love that you pour into your daily life is so beautiful. i love reading about it.

merry christmas!

p.s. those girls are just too much with santa. so cute!

eringoodman said...

oh liz!! i can so relate.

i actually had to take a little break from the blog world this holiday season because it was stressing me out too much to see all that i wasn't doing.

we were all sick on and off all month and my husband had to work a lot of overtime. and i found myself just keeping my head above water and getting through the days.

there is so much that we didn't get to do. i didn't even take out our christmas dishes this year - something i so wanted to be an annual tradition in our house.

but there was still so much magic...for the kids and for me...to enjoy! and i know there was at your house too!

happy new year to you my friend!

love + light...


eringoodman said...

ps ~

don't forget the lovely pinecone gnomes you made and shared!

every time i see mine sitting on my kitchen windowsill, i smile and think of you!