Simple Delight :: Tea To Go

Selby was gifted her very own tea travel mug for Valentine's Day (thank you Nana). Mini-sized, it is perfect for little hands; she LOVES it. It is so cute watching her carry her tea out to the car, backpack on, ready to sip it on the way to school. "I look like you, Mommy," she says, beaming. And I smile too. My gal is experimenting with different teas and flavors... right now she likes Tension Tamer from Celestial Seasonings with a fair share of wildflower honey. Mmmm, simply delightful in every way.
What teas are you sipping right now? How about your little chicks?


eringoodman said...

my littles are not fond of tea (which just about kills their tea-loving-mama).

but my boy is quite fond of coffee.

once a week, he and i enjoy a treat together -- two mugs of decaf at the nearby coffee shop.

such goodness is exchanged over those cups of coffee.

Kangaroo said...

When the sun is shining through our rainbow maker, we sometimes indulge in rainbow tea time. Banyan loves Peppermint and Vanilla Rooibos...I usually opt for the Chai. It is a special grownup treat that he really seems to savor. Getting him his own cup is a great idea! Way to go Nana Bird!

Tonya said...

What a sweet idea. My boy loves his chamomile tea, but I never thought to give him his own travel mug!

Anonymous said...

Ah tea, I love tea! And my punk enjoys 'tender tea' in his own elephant mug thanks to Oma. Tender tea is basically sweetened warmed milk that had a tea bag pass through it.

Tender tea can right wrongs, enhance already wonderful moments, and make my punk feel extra special.