From Farm to Fridge to Table

A weekend trip to my local organic farm brought me deep green bunches of spinach, chard, sorrel, cilantro, lettuce and collards. And jewel tones of golden sweet potatoes, red peppers, pink apples, amethyst onions and Florida strawberries. A carton of farm fresh eggs and my basket runneth over!

I spent about two hours prepping vegetables - it was like a moving meditation - and ended up with food for the week, all neatly packed into plastic bags, ready to go. For dinner Saturday, we had shrimp fried brown jasmine rice, full of fresh veggies, with homemade chicken soup. Sunday, it was chard & onion quiche, a mixed greens salad with honey vinaigrette dressing and warm corn muffins. Tonight, chicken & veggie soft tacos.

I love knowing my planning & prep work is done for the rest of the week. Spicy white bean & sweet potato stew with collards; turkey & spinach lasagna; baked apples filled with honey & raisins... if nothing else goes right, at least I know we'll be well fed. And every last leaf of that glorious, farm fresh produce will be consumed.

What's on your table this week?


Kangaroo said...

I am in AWE. Care to share some of your favorite meal planning and/or recipe sources?

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Kangaroo - For recipes, I love Martha Stewart's ideas (Everyday Food magazine and her TV show). Right now, I'm resourcing "Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker" a lot too. As for planning, I try and sit down once a week and plan meals for 4-5 nights, then do my shopping. This week, my meals were planned based on what i got at the farm.

Rose said...

Home made chicken soup and lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Meal Planning has saved my sanity, marriage, and budget ... I am not exaggerating! It really pays off to take an hour and think the week through. I save my plans and now after a year of this practise, it take only 20 minutes.
TIP: only try one new recipe a week
TIP: make double and freeze some
TIP: plan left overs day
TIP: try tweeking old favourites
TIP: fine cooking's FRESH has great seasonal recipies (I also sort my cook book recipies by season)

cathy said...

awesome. I have never heard of a couple of those veggies - interesting! We went to a fabulous farmers market in tarpon springs last weekend that was amazing, now I just want to go and seek them out! Maybe the strawberry festival this weekend on our way to orlando.... want some?