Kids' Gardening Bench

A new kid center has arrived in our home, just in time for Spring. I've converted my girls' market stand into a potting bench to house their growing gardening supplies. The bench holds essentials including a mini-sized watering can & spray bottle and a kid's shovel, hoe & spade set, as well as gloves for little hands.
It is also stocked with potting soil and orchid bark, lots of little plastic pots and a selection of seed packets. Everything is set up on our back porch, on top of a repurposed vinyl tablecloth, so clean up is easy. Selby has already dug into the dirt and planted all kinds of flower seeds (which are sprouting).
And Sage is very enthusiastic about spraying! (This is a great activity for a preschooler.)
Here's the garden Selby planted using the plants and supplies she got from Santa at Christmas. I just love that she has a green thumb!


Rose said...

Another great setup! It's definitely the time of year to get some dirt under your fingernails. Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I am growing the TickleMe Plant that everyone is talking about.
I can't wait to see the leaves fold up when I Tickle It! Have you grown one yet?

catching caterpillars said...

awe this is so adorable! what a sweet idea!