It's Still Spring, Right?

The temperature went over 90 degrees here over the weekend. Just like that, it seems Summer is here. But I'm not ready yet. I'm still working on Spring. I still have Spring cleaning to do - both for my home and for myself. I'm just not finished with the season of renewal and rebirth. I need a little more time.

So even though I've closed up my windows and cranked up the AC... even though I've pulled out the tank tops and the flip flops... even though the beach and the water parks are calling... I'm sitting tight in Spring, firmly planted in my need to sow a few more seeds and to clean out a few more spaces. Sorry Summer, you'll just have to wait your turn.


Rose said...

Love this. I hear you. I don't really switch into summer thinking until after my birthday...

Heather said...

you are in the midst of Summer weather, and King Winter can not seem to leave us alone :)
I feel the same way about Spring this year. I feel like I NEED to have this season, and to not fall back or jump ahead. It is such an important time to open up, and declutter.
Hope the hear calms down a bit.