Glorious Summer Solstice

Upon waking this morning, I wandered outside to our back porch to check in with the world. What I found was a bright shining sun and endless blue skies. I glanced at our container gardens to see how all was faring and drew in a sharp breath when my eyes hit the morning glory Selby had planted on the first day of Spring Break. Two glorious azure trumpets flared from the vine, baring sunny-yellow star-shaped centers. These first blooms seemed to be announcing boldly that Summer is officially here. I sat and stared at them a while, until a great blue heron caught my eye, wading in the lake behind my house.
This is our backyard heron (image taken in March).
The stately bird carried a large fish, easily a foot long, as it strutted triumphantly through the water. Nature seemed to be reveling in a glorious beginning to this longest day of the year... and I was, in turn, reveling in nature.

Happy Summer Solstice, my friends.


Liquid Pen said...

Amazing that those tiny seeds made a big vine bearing beautiful flowers. A reminder to me of how AWE-SOME it all is!

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi said...

Sounds like a lovely way to start off your first summer morning. I love herons. They like to hang out in our creek. They are so graceful.