Taste of Summer :: Peaches

A couple of weeks ago, locally-grown peaches arrived in my supermarket. Fragrant, juicy Georgia-variety peaches grown just miles from my Florida home - I felt like I struck gold! Wary at first of my treasure, I bought only a few to taste. As soon as I got home, I cut one open; the flesh was bright orange, juice oozed out and it promised perfect sweetness as it perfumed the air all around me. A first taste did not disappoint - sweet as sugar, the girls and I quickly devoured our loot. The next day, I brought home a bag full and sliced them up for dessert with homemade whipped cream. Bliss!

So my plan was to return over the weekend and fill a basket. I was planning to make peach jam, slice & freeze some, oven dry some... but I was sidetracked. The culprit was the fiery-red, vine-ripe tomato. You see, the local food goddess called with news that the local u-pick was offering all-u-can-pick for $1. Yes, you read that right, one dollar for an endless supply of on-the-vine Romas. That's another story -which I will share - but the bottom line is my week was stolen by about 75 pounds of ruby-red jewels. The golden peaches would have to wait.

By the time I returned to the supermarket, the Florida peaches were gone. "Season's over," I was told. "We'll have California peaches here in a week." California?!? Oh the horror. I could have cried. Even the jars upon jars of canned tomatoes and sauce cooling on my counters could not console.

Then yesterday I happened upon some Georgia-grown Georgia peaches at a farm stand. For only 99 cents a pound! Happy days again... Georgia suddenly seemed local enough and I quickly bought up several pounds. Last night, I made peach jam, smiling the whole time. And still more peaches line my counter top, ripening and awaiting their sweet golden fate.


Rose said...

Delicious! You are on a roll!! I only wish I had the energy to do all the canning that you girls are doing. For some reason it's just not in me right now. I've got the sewing bug something fierce, though. I guess we take what we can get....

Cate said...

ohhh. i miss being able to get truly exquisite peaches. sweet but with a bite. mmm. happy summer, liz! beautiful jams!