Peace Out to Summer Vacation (and S'mores Cookies)

Our village's second annual End of Summer Blowout moved to the beach this year, where we gathered for an evening potluck. We swam, played and ate until the sun set on the last night of summer vacation.
My S'mores Cookies, from the archives of Martha Stewart, were a grand hit! Definitely try these ooey, gooey, chocolatey treats when you want the authentic taste of s'mores but no campfire is in sight.
It's back-to-school week over here, which equals a bit more craziness, mixed in with a heavy dose of relief. I hope to be back in this space more in the days to come!


Liquid Pen said...

oh those cookies!

and of course the beautiful sunset and sweet kids playing...well parents playing too

what a great end to summer!

catching caterpillars said...

what fun! and what a tradition! love it!

Heather said...

Those cookies look heavenly. I swear I almost got up and made them tonight. It looks like you are all celebrating a great end to the season