Another Trip Around the Sun

It was blissfully cooler yesterday morning, so I did my yoga on the back porch. It felt so good to stretch and center myself outdoors. I could hear the birds singing; the sun sparkled on the water; an easy breeze gently moved the trees. Peace!
Sage and I spent the early part of the day at Shell Beach with the mamas and just the little ones, since school is back in session. It was so quiet; the water was like a sheet of glass; and the sky stretched blue forever. Bliss!
Did I mention it was my birthday? After school, the kids & DaddyBird threw me a little party complete with streamers, games, and a sparkly Birthday Princess crown. It kind of felt like I was turning 6 instead of 36. Joy!
So it was perfectly fitting that my gift was a shiny, new pink cruiser - a wish that has graced my treasure map for a year and a half. Yippee! I am one lucky mama, for sure.


Rose said...

WAHOO!!! So glad to see you got the bike! I've been scouting for a baby seat, so perhaps we can go for rides when the weather cools off!

eringoodman said...

happy, happy birthday to you!!!! LOVE your new bike!!! what fun!!!

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi said...

that is a sweet set of wheels! good for you! happy, happy day!

MermaidLilli said...

I LOVE your bike. Happy Birthday!