Before 9am

Three mornings a week, my littlest chick goes to preschool. With about 45 minutes of idle time between her big sister's drop off and hers, Sage and I have been in search of a way to spend our early-mornings together. Inspired by my dear friend over at Snip and Snail, and enticed by slightly cooler morning weather, we headed for a local park today.
With the playground all to herself, my gal explored happily amongst the "pom pom" (also known as palm) trees while I sipped my coffee and soaked in the morning sun.

We took a short walk over to a dock on the water, greeting morning glories along the path. There, we sat together and watched the sun dance on the water. We listened to the birds singing away. We welcomed a gentle breeze.
And I'm pretty sure we both felt how very blessed we are. Happy Friday to all!


SwedeLife said...

Oh my gosh she is huge...I guess almost THREE!! I love three. Wish i was there to meet you for coffee.

catching caterpillars said...

awe, so very sweet! so nice to spend just you and her time.... I think I'm a bit inspired... I love your blog! love your rhythm of the home writings!!! wow, you are very talented at writing... keep it up!

catching caterpillars said...
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Liquid Pen said...

sweetness...it looks like fallish sweet morning time is here!

Heather said...

How sweet to have some extra minutes to just spend together. I am sure that they are cherished by you both.