October Peace Intention

When I read about the Piece Together Peace project on Threading Light, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. But with chaos heavy upon me, like a dense morning fog, I knew not where to begin. I searched for a point of clarity, a beam of light in the dark, and it finally appeared. The message I received was simple: start at the beginning - start within. And so it is, my October peace intention is a straightforward commitment to live with a constant, calm heart. To find peace in the sanctuary within me. To help me along this path, I'm committing to meditate every day. Even if it is just for one minute, I intend to sit quietly, to breathe deeply, to feel peace in my heart, and to fill my body with light. From here, perhaps, I can begin to transform, to create something new... to piece together peace in my world, and the world around me.


Rose said...

Inspiring! I really need to get myself back on that, but I always seem to find an excuse not to meditate. One minute a day seems a good place to start. Good luck and peace to you!

SwedeLife said...


elizabeth ~so wabi sabi said...

Liz, What a beautiful intention...I know I often cheat myself out of the benefits of meditation because I say I don't have enough time. Even one conscious breath is a practice. Thank you for this reminder...so glad to have you along on this journey.
Love and blessings~

Liquid Pen said...

Oh I love that intention. Peace sweet mama bird....make your song come with ease and your practice with light!!!

You are an inspiration!

Courtney D. said...

That was my intention for the year (2010) this past New Year's ... I've been working on "Peace" all year. Peace with myself, peace with others, and peace with the world around me. I loved reading this.

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

When everything is real crazy it can be hard to know where to start. I love how you mention starting small. That always brings me to a point where I know everybody can start from. One breathe, one step, one posative thought...is doable!