Honoring the 12 Days of Christmas

As we readied for bed on Christmas Day, Sage whispered to me "I wish it was still Christmas." I assured her it still was, but she replied, "No, it's dark now." I knew there would be some letdown after the big day, no matter how gently I tried to ease my girls in and out of it this year. So I shared with them that Christmas was, in fact, not over. I told them how it extended for 12 days and assured them we would continue to enjoy all we had created this holiday season for many days to come. I let them know the tree and decorations would stay up a while longer. And that we would keep trying to eat through the gingerbread house and the wealth of cookies we baked on Christmas Eve. We would spend lots of time together huddled in front of the fire, playing with our new toys, reading our new books, and enjoying each other's company. And we would be visiting with more friends and more family. They went to sleep content in these thoughts.
And so yesterday, the day after Christmas, we all stayed in pajamas all day, snuggled by a fire that roared from dawn to bedtime. We ate cookies and leftovers from our Christmas feast. The grownups enjoyed eggnog we forgot on Christmas Day. I read and knitted and the girls played with a new fairy house and created with new art supplies. We went for a short winter walk to gather a few items for the nature table and to feel the nip of the cold wind. And sometime toward the end of the day, Selby said to me, "It still feels like Christmas... like it has been one long day." I felt it too. For the 12 Days of Christmas, we won't be exchanging any gifts, or celebrating any specific days. We are simply and gently honoring this special time with a lot of togetherness, reflection and appreciation for all the wonder the holiday season has held. Merry Christmas!


catching caterpillars said...

ooooooh I really love this! I love how cozy your Christmas was... so fun to be in jammies all day by the fire... awe! and how nice to gather things for your nature table... can't wait to see it! love your family!

Amy said...