Winter Solstice II :: Honoring Nature

We celebrated the Winter Solstice with a party for the little creatures in our yard. The kids strung Cheerios and oranges and made pinecone bird feeders to hang from a tree in our backyard.

In the branches, we tucked ears of dried corn, saved from a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Oh those lucky little squirrels!

The children also made a Yule Log for the evening's fire. They wrapped a whole log with evergreen branches from our Christmas tree and tied on as many items from the Fall nature table as possible with raffia.

The log was adorned with dried leaves and flowers, moss, pinecones, seed pods, feathers, wheat stalks... even a snake skin! As evening approached, we turned out all the lights and prepared for the darkness. Candles were lit around the house and a fire was built, awaiting the Yule log.
The whole family gathered around the fire for an early supper. The Yule Log snapped and sizzled as the flames engulfed the offerings we'd collected throughout the Fall. Everyone lingered here for the evening, telling progressive stories, singing a few carols, and soaking in one anothers' company. We welcomed Winter with an abundance of warmth and light and love. Here's wishing you the same all year long!


Liquid Pen said...

deliciously sweet!

catching caterpillars said...

oh wow, I love this! seriously cute!!! love the oranges!!!

Rose said...

Pure loveliness! Another celebration to be remembered.