On Peace & Relaxation

The focus of our family Advent devotion for the week is peace. When we gathered around the table to light our Advent wreath candles on Sunday, I asked for thoughts on what peace is. My oldest gal shared: "peace is calmness, like a nice wind." Yes! We talked about being calm in our hearts and working to find individual moments of peace throughout the week. We also set a group intention to peaceful and cooperative with one another.

Personally, I've focused my attention on trying (and I stress trying) to relax. It seems I don't ever hold still anymore; I go and go all day until I collapse at night. And when there has been no moments of quiet, no relaxation all day, when my head finally hits the pillow, my mind keeps on turning. This is not good. I read something recently where a mother shared that while she was an excellent model of efficiency and productivity for her children, she was a poor model of relaxation. This struck a chord in me. So, for my December peace intention, as part of the Piece Together Peace project , I'm reclaiming relaxation. I can't think of a better time than right now to cozy up and slow down. I'm gathering some books for pure pleasure, pulling out my knitting, stocking up on firewood and bringing out the tea kettle! What are your favorite ways to relax? (I'm open to ideas!)

**I missed posting & reporting on my November peace intention, which was to practice acceptance (mainly to counteract a resistance that was growing within me, creating chaos and robbing me of vital energy). I did a lot of work on this, releasing judgement and resistance in many stuck areas of my life. It was a great practice in mindfulness, and has definitely brought more peace to my world. **


Rose said...

Well, we must be on the same wavelenth again. I blogged about this today too, and SouleMama did yesterday.

Our conversation on Sunday really resonated with me, even though they were thoughts I'd been having. I guess it's nice to have someone to agree with me! :)

Having both kids at home all the time has created an insane pace for me, and I am really having to FORCE myself to sit down and take a break a few times during the day. That means something *I* want to do, not reading to the kids or whatever.

Isn't it amazing that this is *supposed* to be a time of withdrawl, stillness, and quietness, yet our culture has turned it into quite the opposite?!

Val said...

Hello Liz! I agree it all makes sense. If you are more relaxed, you generate more peace around yourself. It's sometimes hard to find time for it when you have a busy family life, but you're right, that's worth it! I'm also sure our kids do enjoy seeing us calm and motionless once in a while! I do get relaxation moments late in the evening, thanks to writing, and I share/have relaxing time too doing handcraft with my kiddos. Good luck, I'll be interested to read the results of your enterprise. Valerie