Winter Solstice I :: The Nature Table

Of all the Celebrations of Light we decided to honor this holiday season, I've most been looking forward to the Winter Solstice. I love the changing of seasons and the feeling of a new beginning each season brings. So in the spirit of a fresh start, I cleared off our Fall nature table, making room for some new residents and setting the scene for the first day of Winter.
Our new residents are two little tomten inspired by Astrid Lindgren's The Tomten. They are standing upon snow (foam circles) underneath enchanted, glittering spun-cotton mushrooms. The tomten and the mushrooms - one each for each of my girls - were crafted in under two hours using mostly materials I had in my supply. Each winter scene also includes a new crystal - green calcite for "joy" and an amethyst for "peace."

Another addition to our winter table are beeswax candles, poured into seashells this afternoon. The wax came from a local bee farmer and marks my first foray into candle making. We'll light them after the sun sets on the Solstice, as we plan to enjoy the evening hours in the glow of only candlelight and a yule log (more on this to come). Happy Winter Solstice! I'd love to hear how your family celebrates the return of the sun.


Rose said...

YAY!! Beeswax candles!!!

Samantha said...

Beautiful! I love your altar and really dig the candles, I'd like to try that myself. I hope you and yours had a blessed solstice/yule this year, too.