Becoming Friends

One of my favorite parts of our winter break was how close my girls became. With two full weeks off school - and quite a bit of illness keeping us close to home - they had a lot of time together.

I'm amazed at Selby's patience with her little sister (Poochy); the time she takes to help her, to care for her and to guide her along is remarkable. And I'm enchanted by the way Sage admires her big sister (Bubba), watching her every move, striving to be just like her.
During the break, the girls truly learned to share - not just toys, but ideas and space and time. They discovered how to create together, rather than just along side one another, and celebrated their accomplishments hand-in-hand. They developed a little more patience for each other, and fostered a deeper understanding of who they are.

I watched with wonder as their friendship bloomed and their love for one another strengthened. There is nothing like the unconditional, enduring friendship of a sister.


Rose said...

So sweet and beautiful. What an amazing thing to see happen right before your eyes!

I've seen mine start to grow together as well. Since they are together all. the. time. They have to play together and tolerate each other a bit more.

Liquid Pen said...

What beautiful pictures! I can see that sisterly bond cementing within them. Just so purely sweet.