Right Now I Am...

...planting a backyard garden with my mother: zucchini & yellowneck squash, cucumbers, eggplant, collards, a variety of herbs, EarthBox tomatoes, beans, nasturtiums, zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, wildflowers and more.

...making almost every meal from Feeding the Whole Family; so glad I finally got on this bandwagon!

...clipping lots of pictures from old magazines in preparation for a Treasure Mapping new moon.
...enjoying absurd amounts of Florida-grown strawberries, oranges, tomatoes and onions.

...looking forward to Selby's Girl Scout meeting, where the girls are making a worm compost! Guess who volunteered to take the project home after the meeting?

What about you?


Rose said...

Oh yay! WORMS!! What fun!

Liquid Pen said...

Ohhh...makes me want to grow things to eat! I think I'll have to stick to my little basil and mint plants but I'm living vicariously through you!

eringoodman said...

oh i LOVE that you are bringing worms home!!!!!

i have been wanting to try worm composting for a while now but haven't felt ready to jump in with it just yet. (maybe you can share some of your adventures here so we can learn from / with you!!!:;-)

as for me....i'm doing my very best to enjoy a challenging week (kids home sick with a cold...i'm fighting it too) and savor the sweet moments snuggling my babes.

catching caterpillars said...

wow! how fantastic! I have to get that book! and what fun... WORMS! I love how you are so healthy!

Hullabaloo Homestead said...

I am eagerly awaiting a treasure map party this weekend. Last year was my first time doing one...and I am just amazed at how much came to life from that thing...really cool!