Where I've Been...

How can it be that nearly a month has passed since I wrote in this space? Life took up every moment of the past several weeks!

There was a weekend visit to Aunt Cathy's, paired with seeing the Weeki Wachee mermaids at the Florida Aquarium. My girls were completely enchanted by this underwater show with real, live mermaids.
Later, we concocted Spring Strawberry Spritzers (recipe below) to sip on as we soaked in the hot tub. Ahhhh.
Then, there was the "grown-up spring break" weekend away to Key West, filled with bright orange sunsets, salty margaritas and fabulous, fresh seafood.
I delighted in seeing wild chickens freely roaming the streets of paradise (over 2,000 inhabit the island!). And I treasured a visit to the Hemingway Home, where six-toed cats lounge about lush, tropical gardens.
Finally, the gals celebrated their week-long spring break close to home with lots of free play, inside and out. The simple joys of playgrounds, art, blanket forts and mini golf filled our days. (Yes, there was also a fair share of "I'm bored" grumbling and sibling bickering too!).
This week, as I get back into the swing of "real life" I'm missing the easy, breezy days of the past few weeks. I've traded in sunscreen and lazy, slow days for backlogged laundry, taxes and the resetting of off-schedule kiddos. Oh well, there's always these...

Spring Strawberry Spritzers

1 bottle of Riesling, chilled
Seltzer water
Fresh strawberries
Sugar (to taste)

Puree fresh strawberries and sugar. Mix with Riesling and seltzer in a pitcher until it tastes like spring. Sip over ice, in the sunshine, with a cool breeze washing over you. Smile.


Rose said...

Spring strawberry spritzers! YUM!

And don't feel bad, even those of us with "no schedule" are still a bit discombublated. I blame it on the time change. It always leaves me feeling a bit scrambled up.

Liquid Pen said...

Looks like fun! Mermaids, spritzers, sunsets, chickens and two beautiful daughters.....what more could a girl ask for?......maybe another spritzer?

eringoodman said...

sounds like a lot of fun!

and thank you for including the 'i'm bored' and sibling bickering part of the vacation too.

that's always a part of our vacations -- though, like you, i try not to let it overshadow all the fun parts! ;-)