A Little Self-Indulgence

Recently, I made a commitment to treat myself better. To value my personal time. To indulge my senses. To feed my soul with creativity and beauty. Here are a few of the ways I'm making good on that promise...

I'm reading stacks of books (I love this print of the classics!). On my stack right now are: Last Child in the Woods, Half the Sky, Organized Simplicity and My Life in France.
I'm listening to inspiring music like this album from Les Chauds Lapins, the soundtrack from Away We Go and Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong.

I'm swooning over hand-picked bouquets of cosmos, zinnias and jasmine from my own yard. These little bursts of color and perfume are tucked on tables and shelves throughout the house... so lovely!

I'm journaling in two new Moleskines... a Recipe Journal to house only my very favorite, tried and true recipes. And a sketchbook where I'm trying my hand at art journaling.

I'm nourishing myself with lots of fresh, local food and so proud of my little beach town's initiative to eat local.

I'm thinking I really like this self-indulgence thing. And wondering why I waited so long to put myself back on my own to-care-for list. What about you? How are you filling the well?


catching caterpillars said...

I love this post! I'm so inspired now!!! long bubble baths with salts and candles... ahhhh! but yes, a good book and sitting in the sunshine!

Liquid Pen said...

I love it...hmmmm I am slipping on some new shoes and sunglasses. Taking time to meditate and sit in the sun without thinking. I wait to eat my breakfast until the house is quiet and then I sit and read the NY times with my grapefruit juice, eggs and whole wheat English Muffin. Yes, it is good to take care of yourself!

Rose said...

I'm so very happy for you! And so very inspired! I put on my vision board to "make myself a priority" but it is SO hard for me to find the time. I have to say that since yesterday's "break" I woke up with a smile on my face and a spring in my step--first time in a while!

I'm so excited to hear that you are art journaling. It is so much fun! I have some books for you to borrow if you are looking for inspiration on that front....

Hooray for self indulgence!!!!

Heather said...

How beautiful to see how ou are nurturing yourself Liz! I am filling my soul up with good reading and knitting while nursing the babe throughout the day. I love those moments where everything just slows down and I can enjoy such sweet time. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.