A Return to Shell Beach

Earth Day was the perfect day for our clan's seasonal return to our beloved Shell Beach. Mother Nature was out in full force, offering up a perfect selection of sea life for the kids to explore in her honor.

They quickly set up an impromptu "touch tank area" with beach buckets housing a sea urchin, a hermit crab in a whelk shell, a non-stinging jelly fish, some presumed plankton and some snails - all found in and around the crystal-clear Gulf waters.

Mid afternoon, we all took a walk down the beach, collecting odds and ends of trash to help beautify "our place" in nature. Most all of our children began coming to this beach within weeks of their births, so their attachment to it is strong. As it is for us mamas, who have raised our babes together here upon this shore, strengthening the bond of our sisterhood while soaking in the sun. So happy to be back!


Rose said...

Indeed! It was a beautiful day! Looking forward to summer so we can have some company again!!

Kangaroo said...

I missed you all so much. Glad it's been re-christened and can't wait to sink my toes in. Beautifully, beautifully captured.

SwedeLife said...

I christened my local beach for the season this weekend, too, but I can not red all your words here right now as it hurts a little I am not there with you, and you can nopt come to my new favorite spot. Miss you all and love you tons! Kisses to the kiddos, hugs from my girls.