Reveries Francais

I want to see this movie. And I want to read this book, once I finish reading this one.

I want to get lost in a little summer reverie where I dine on, and learn to cook, the finest French cuisine... sip champagne with artists of the lost generation... dance the night away in jazz-age Paris... and steep myself in the joie de vivre of a time and place far from home, but close to my heart.

Where are you "traveling" to this summer?

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Rose said...

Oooh la la! I hear you!!

Head on over here:

In the meantime, I'll make you some Edith Piaf cd's. They always do the trick for me!

And...HELLO!...I will see that movie with you if you're not going with your husband! My husband is not a fan of Woody Allen films. (He's still bitter that Annie Hall beat Star Wars for Best Picture.)

I know you've seen "Amelie," right? How about "Coco Before Chanel" and "La Vie En Rose"?