Wildflowers, Butterflies & Bees - Part 3

Finally, part 3 of our wildflowers, butterflies & bees week of "camp mom"... butterflies! We've been raising monarchs since spring, and have had the pleasure of witnessing about a dozen transformations on our back porch. It's still amazing to watch these caterpillars in action. The amount and rate at which they eat and poop (and grow) puts any newborn baby to shame.
We've had the pleasure of witnessing one actually spin its chrysalis, as well watching a few hatch and emerge. Recently, we awoke to a set of triplets drying their new wings.
For wildflowers, butterflies & bees week, I decided to expand our butterfly garden in hopes of attracting a few new beauties. We took a hot, buggy trip to our local native plant nursery and returned home with an assortment of nectar plants, as well host plants for Zebra Longwing, Gulf Firtillary and Swallowtail larvae.
Now, we wait for our garden to grow, and new visitors to come...

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Liquid Pen said...

What a beautiful picture of Selby! I love the transformations of those creatures....awesome