Thank You, Zinnias

The zinnias in our garden are still blooming! All summer we've had magnificent cut flowers in a sunset of shades. I tuck them into jelly jars and tall, skinny repurposed capers jars. Sometimes I'll add a sprig of fresh herbs, or a few fern leaves; sometimes nothing. Just zinnias.
I really love to place these simple arrangements where I know the light will shine on them. I've learned the early morning sun brightens the edge of a half wall in our main room. And in the late afternoon, the last golden light of the day pours through my kitchen window.
Oh, thank you sweet, cheery, lovely zinnias. You make me smile.

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Kangaroo said...

that is so beautiful. it really is the littlest, simplest things that have the power to bring us the purest joy. great job mama--plant a seed, watch it grow!