Food Swap!

When Bamboo Magazine asked me to write about the rapidly-growing food swap trend for their upcoming autumn edition, I'd never even heard of the idea. But only a little research into it and I was hooked. In no time, with the help and participation of my natural parenting community, a group of homemade and homegrown food lovers gathered for an inaugural food swap in my beach-side Florida town.
What a great idea! I brought my homebrewed water kefir and some homecanned tomatoes and returned home with fresh herbs, backyard eggs, homemade yogurt, syrups, chutney and more. Everything was displayed on a central table, where we placed "bids" - essentially offering this for that. Our only rule was it had to be homemade, homegrown or hand foraged.
As we deliberated and negotiated over gluten free boules and raspberry jam, the spirit of our community shone bright. Children ran all about our feet, while little ones were strapped to mamas' backs. Potluck dishes were shared. Recipes were exchanged. And everyone went home with others' home-produced goodies and a lot of inspiration.
I can't wait to share the whole story with you - including tips from food swapping pioneer Kate Payne - in the autumn edition of Bamboo Magazine, set to publish next week. Subscribe to receive an email as soon as it is released.


Megan said...

so neat!

6512 and growing said...

Your food swap looks gorgeous! I did a once a week food swap with a few friends for a year. One of us would make bread, one would make yogurt, another cheese, etc...it was wonderful!