Hello Spring

I harvested the last of my salad greens today. Yes, the last. Our growing season is a little different here in the south; with the days holding in the mid 80s now, all my greens were starting to bolt. So this is the last homegrown salad for me for a while. Isn't it pretty? There's some escarole and big boston lettuce in there, as well as some swiss chard and purple chinese cabbage. The tomatoes, green onions and green pepper came from my garden too. I'll miss you homegrown salads...see you in the fall.

And hello spring. I've got big expectations of you! They include: beans, cucumbers, eggplant, hot peppers, bell peppers, collards, tomatoes, watermelon, lemon squash, and lots of herbs. Oh, and flowers too, of course: cosmos, zinnias, nasturtiums, wildflowers, poppies, sunflowers, calendula. I've really missed you flowers... so happy to have you back!

What's sprouting in your garden this spring?

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