A Simple, Natural Easter

I'm keeping Easter super simple, relying on traditions we've started over the past few years. The girls and I planted wheat grass in their baskets and we've all enjoyed watching them sprout and grow. It's a beautiful ritual that allows us to forgo that awful plastic grass, and organically welcome the season of new life and growth. Furthermore, it helps extend our celebration beyond one morning of sugar-induced excitement, allowing the girls to learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. This is so important to me.

Tucked into the grass on Easter morning, my gals' baskets will each hold half a dozen wooden eggs I'm hand-painting, inspired by these; some chocolate and jelly beans; a few arts and crafts items; a Fur Real Snuggimals Bunny (the closest to the requested real bunny we'll be getting right now!); hair barrettes; lip gloss; and a few other odds and ends.
On Friday, we'll be decorating eggs, again using natural dyes and nature impressions. A friend and I are planning to make only two dyes each and gather with the kids for an afternoon of dipping, mixing and designing. Last year, we only used four colors and look at all the gorgeous hues we had! My gals couldn't get over the fact that I made our dyes last Easter, so this year I plan to involve them in the "extraction" process as well (find resources & recipes for natural dyes in my post from last year, and all over Pinterest).

I feel like this is enough, really. We'll share a simple meal together - Easter picnics at the beach are my favorite. We'll hide and find plastic eggs over and over. And we'll eat a few more sweets than we should. Simple. Sweet. Fun.


Heather said...

I am looking forward to a simple, quiet Easter here as well. Just a few naturally dyed easter eggs and a new pair of Easter pants for the boys. Enjoy Liz!

Meryl said...

Love your grass! I wanted to do that this year, but never seemed to make it to buy seeds.