Egg Love

We've been into eggs over here for the past few days. They are so spring-like and pretty...who can resist?
These are wooden craft eggs I hand-painted after the girls went to sleep one night. The plan was to tuck them into their Easter baskets... but I can't possibly let the "Bunny" take credit for these beauties! I will be gifting them each a set of three on Easter morning. Perfect for their play kitchen! The rest are all packaged up in sets to take to my food & craft swap this morning. 
We dyed eggs with friends yesterday using all kinds of gorgeous natural dyes from purple cabbage, beets, turmeric, paprika and coffee. I could have done this all day! The dyes were so pretty, I tore up an old white sheet and soaked pieces in each color. Not sure what I'll use those for yet...
After all that egg dying, I got a little hungry for some eggs. So I made an asparagus and leek quiche for dinner - yum! Here it is before the egg was added, in all its spring green goodness.
Happy Easter, eggs!

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Tonya Gunn said...

Your eggs are just beautiful and that quiche - just perfect.