A Good Morning

The girls helped me make gluten-free blueberry cornbread this morning, following this recipe. Sweet and moist, it is a delicious treat. I think next time I'll try adding a little lemon juice and zest for a blueberry-lemon cornbread good enough to be dessert!
But we had it for breakfast today, along with some uncured bacon and medium boiled eggs (following my friend Rose's recipe - a long-time favorite). A good start to a slow, nothing-planned weekend... my favorite kind!
Happy Saturday!


Heather said...

I have never tried a medium boiled egg. I think that I might have to give that a try tomorrow morning. Hope that you are enjoying this first day of school for your babes.

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Oh, Heather. You must try them... so creamy and yum! Let me know what you think.