Naturally-Sweet Spa Party :: Book Review & Giveaway!!

When I was growing up, birthday parties were simple and sweet… a small gathering of friends came to the house, mom made a cake, we’d have a dance party in the living room and open presents. Now, kids’ parties are more complicated, more commercialized, and less, well, personal. So I was thrilled when I read Naturally Fun Parties for Kids by Anni Daulter & Heather Fontenot. This book beautifully brings eco-conscious, homespun style to simple seasonal celebrations kids will love!
Perfect for little ladies, the “Natural Spa Party” inspired my daughter’s 8th birthday celebration this summer. A small group of girls was invited to join her poolside for a homespun little girls’ spa day. They were pampered head to toe with homemade, natural spa products – from a Lavender and Rose Petal Foot Soak, to a wildly-popular, edible Chocolate Facial. (Six naturally-sweet spa recipes are included in the book.)
In addition to a dozen creative celebrations presented in Naturally Fun Parties for Kids, the authors offer easy-to-follow timelines, projects & materials lists, tutorials, and recipes for each party. This made planning and preparation simple; and the suggested ideas allowed plenty of opportunity to involve my birthday girl. Together, we hand-crafted the invitations, the spa product signs (as well as the products themselves), and a banner to hang above the spa table).
After looking through the book, which is full of stunning photography, my girl decided upon making a fabric banner like one featured in the “Egg-Dyeing Spring Garden Party.” We tore thrifted pillowcases into strips, tied them to a jute string, and added a homemade “Girls R Beautiful” sign. The fabric strips were also tied to the invitations, the party favors, and around flower arrangements. Colorful tablecloths and garden-fresh flowers completed the party décor.
For nibbling, my daughter selected easy-to-eat foods inspired by the book, including cheese quesadillas, blue corn chips and salsa, Sweet & Savory Strawberry Apricot Tarts, and Garden Cooler Lemon-Mint Ice Pops (another idea pulled from the spring garden party). We also served fresh sweet cherries, veggies with ranch dip, pink lemonade cupcakes, and fresh strawberry & lemon infused “spa water”.
After a few hours of poolside pampering, water play, snacking, backyard exploring (complete with tadpole catching!), and present opening, the girls went home with a Rosemary and Mint Sea Salt Bath Mix, handmade by my daughter. Guests tucked their bath salts into provided goodie bags, along with a small, pretty manicure set and a homemade sugar cookie. A simple, sweet ending to a naturally- fun spa party!

Garden Cooler Lemon Mint Ice Pops from Naturally Fun Parties for Kids

4 cups fresh lemonade (juice of 8 lemons, mixed with 1 quart water and 4 tablespoons raw agave nectar)
¼ cup fresh mint leaves
¼ cup grated lemon zest

Pour lemonade into blender, add mint and blend together. Pour mixture into 4-oz pop molds and add lemon zest for texture. Add sticks to pops & freeze. (If using paper cups, you’ll need to let the mixture freeze halfway before adding the stick.)

Makes 8 (4-oz) pops 

(All images courtesy of Christy Tozzo.)

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Anonymous said...

The book sounds *wonderful* and I think my 11yod would love it- she uses any excuse she can think of to host a party :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, the anonymous post was from me!

Lori B

asavoryspoonful@gmail.com said...

Too adorable! You are an incredible hosting and a natural for throwing great parties! Great ideas!

Rose said...

What a sweet and fun party!

Erin Goodman said...

Love your photos and thoughts on what parties have become, what they used to be -- and what they can still be!

I would LOVE to win a copy of this book! Thanks for the chance to win!!!



Erin Goodman said...

I already like (LOVE) A Natural Nester on Facebook.

And I just liked Naturally Fun Parties! :)

catching caterpillars said...

WOW! what a beautiful party!!! I loved the banner using pillow cases! cool! such special pretty little details! your little girls are lucky to have such a sweet sentimental mama! you're amazing!
this book is beautiful too!

Stephanie Perkinson said...

I just hear about this from Erin Goodman! My son is turning 3 this month and as much as I love his love for Thomas the Tank Engine. I really want the party to be a celebrating of him not the train!

Would so love to win this book!

Krystal said...

I've been so excited about this book. I have Anni's Organically Raised and I love it. Thank you for the chance! :)

Krystal said...

I've "liked" A Natural Nester on Facebook as well :)

Krystal said...

And I'm already a "liker" on Naturally Fun Parties Facebook :)

Heidi said...

Love this book!

Heidi said...

'Liked' Nester on FB! :)

Muffin Mama said...

Love the idea of natural b-day parties! I too liked you on FB. Before I read this. I LOVE nesting! Even when I'm not pregnant! ;)

Unknown said...

I enjoy (like) all the posts with A Natural Nester and Naturally Fun Parties for Kids! Maybe I'll get lucky this time to win the wonderful book, because the last time it did not came to me. Best regards!

Muffin Mama said...

Also lined the book's FB page. :)

Sunny said...

Just saw this book a few weeks ago in the local bookstore, both my best friend and I ohhed and addha over it. Loved seeing it in action on your blog.

Thanks Erin Goodman for sharing this link.

Anonymous said...

I was the friend with Sunny who ooo'd and aaaa'd over this book. Having my daughters birthday party coming up, it gave some fantastic ideas!!

jojoebi said...

I love the girls party - not sure my son would be impressed though! It looks like a lovely book. Luckily birthday parties are not a big thing in Japan so I don't have the pressure of 'keeping up with the Susuki's'

jojoebi said...

and I like you on FB

jojoebi said...

and... I liked naturally fun parties too!

Kate said...

this is just perfect! i have been spending weeks putting together each birthday party or holiday party and researching how to make them as natural and homemade as possible.

This is so exciting!

Kate said...

i have liked you on facebook!

Kate said...

and i have liked the book on facebook as well! I SOOOO hope i win!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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