Wholesome Snacks and Cinnamon Apple Chips

I'm just finishing up a piece for Bamboo Magazine about creating an after-school snack ritual for your little loves (look for it in the fall issue, coming soon!). After-school snack is a much-looked-forward-to time here in my nest, and I strive to keep the offerings healthy. My girls also have to a bring a snack to school each day, which must be a fruit or veggie (I LOVE that!). So, I've been thinking a lot about wholesome, yummy snacks over the past week, which lead me to try out a recipe for baked cinnamon apple chips that's running around on Pinterest.
They were so yummy, and super easy... just slice Granny Smith apples thin (using a mandolin if you have one).
Dust them lightly with cinnamon and brown sugar, and bake them on parchment-lined trays, at a low heat, for a couple of hours (see the full recipe here).I made mine after the girls went to bed one evening, and stored them in a parchment paper bag overnight... they were still crispy the next morning. And according to my taste-testers, they stayed crisp until snack time. One loved them; one thought they were too "sour," so I'll be trying them with a sweeter variety of apple next time.

What are some of your family's favorite wholesome snacks? I'd love to hear from you!


Moss and Mushrooms said...

Those apple chips look great! I must try them. I sent my oldest off to school with a healthy snack today, too. Her favorite: wheat crackers and herbed goat cheese! I bet she'll be the only kid in class with that one!

Unknown said...

These look yummy! We don't do sugar so I might try a sweeter apple with just the cinnamon. We love smoothies over here, this is the kids current favorite:

Rebecca said...

Our family loves kale chips!