The 10-Day Family Recharge ~ Come Home to Community

I'm so honored that Erin Goodman asked me to be a contributor to her second annual 10-Day Family Recharge, an online program designed to help you celebrate, reconnect and love up your family!

I do hope you'll join in! Besides all the inspiration and re-energizing I received as a participant in last year's program, I recall truly appreciating the ease of this e-course. There's no set time to show up anywhere, and the level of participation it requires is directed entirely by you. For a busy mama, that is such a blessing.
So, my contribution to this year's Recharge is themed Come Home to Community. I'll be:
  • offering a creative glimpse into "my tribe."
  • sharing 5 Ways to Unite Families through Community.
  • discussing how to build & fortify a caring, supportive community of families.
Does your family have a community to come home to? A tribe to receive support from, to learn from, and to care for? Please join me in a discussion on the power of kinfolk!
To learn more about this online program & its contributors, or to register, click the link below.

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Erin Goodman said...

SO excited that you are contributing to this, Liz!!!