The "Welcome Fall" Party

Have you entered to win your copy of The Artful Year ~ Autumn yet? On Friday we had a little after-school "welcome fall" party, using a couple ideas from this creative e-book...
I made the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins - so yummy, and really easy to throw together. I had everything I needed already in my kitchen! *Bonus... the whole house smelled like fall.*
Also a treat for the senses, I made a batch of pumpkin pie playdough using the recipe in The Artful Year ~ Autumn. (One batch made a lot!) I divided it up among my girls and my nephew and gave them each a bowl of dried black beans to use for making jack-o-lantern pumpkins from the warm, sweet-smelling dough. Another great idea!
And because I simply can't seem to do a craft project without a bit of nature, I provided a few small sticks from the yard to use as stems. This project kept all three kids (4, 8 & 10) busy for about an hour!
A few of their creations...
This skull, made by my nephew, is filled with "bean brains"... everyone had to take turns sticking their fingers in it to feel them!

**Remember... you have until Friday to enter to win a copy for yourself!! Just leave a comment telling me what you LOVE about autumn on the post below.**


Ligoakoma said...

Hi there!

It sounds a nice time!

Autumn always comes together with a cozy feeling: we'll be altogether again, around the table, sipping hot tea and chatting and crafting and reading... Windows can be closed, so it's a more silent time, more calm days... Family days!


Gina said...

What a fun activity! I love the idea of starting a "Welcome Fall" party tradition with the little ones. Their pumpkins turned out great. :)

Sarah C said...

Lovely!! I love the bean brains -- so creative, like his aunt! :)