Crafting with Nature

Peek inside the art box that nature has given us and you'll see that there is beauty
in every nook and cranny of our world." ~ Laura C. Martin, Nature's Art Box
An amazing art installation has gone up on the front lawn of a local landmark in my small beach town! Internationally-acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty crafted these enormous "stickwork" sculptures from local crape myrtle tree cuttings, twigs and vines.
The detail and intricacy of the work is stunning and awe-inspiring. My camera can't even begin to do it justice! Smaller branches have been woven into a main frame made of the largest branches, forming crosshatch walls that reach approximately 40 feet into the air. The result is purely magical.
Dougherty's sculpture resembles a circus tent and fun house, inspired by Sarasota’s circus history. You can walk through doorways, peek out windows, and hide in little alcoves. Of course, my girls were totally enchanted... and me too! (Look closely and see my gal peeking out the doorway in the picture above.)
After visiting this amazing work of art, I'm feeling inspired to do some nature crafting with my girls. I've pulled out a favorite resource in our nest, Nature's Art Box by Laura C. Martin. There's a whole section devoted to crafting with "vines, twigs, cones & moss," with projects ranging from baskets, to wreaths, to tiny houses made of woodland materials. We'll be getting into one of these this week for sure.
What are some of your favorite ways to craft with natural materials?
I'd love to hear your ideas!


Gina said...

We actually got to see one of Dougherty's outdoor sculptures at Wegerzyn Gardens in Ohio. It was amazing! We had a lot fun walking through and exploring it. :)

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Neat Gina. It's hard to capture in photos how amazing they are!