In My Nest...

We're getting back into a rhythm here after a calm and joyful winter break. The girls have returned to school, and I've been cleaning out and reorganizing, harvesting that special energy of a new year and a new start. Right now, in my nest, I'm grateful for...

* a new weekly bread-making ritual, enthusiastically driven by my youngest chick. Our first loaves: Whole Wheat Orange Blossom Bread, a recipe from Megan at Fig & Fauna

* a renewed commitment to journal writing, and the soon-to-come launch of my first e-course on keeping a nature journal through the seasons. Watch this space for details!

* fresh juice from my new juicer (thank you to my sweet father-in-law) packed full of backyard citrus, local strawberries and homegrown greens. Yum!

* all the creativity of my sweet chicks, including lots of art and many, many shows with the new keyboard that arrived Christmas morning.

* family bike rides with a very proud no-more-training wheels gal.

* morning nature walks and late night talks with my forever sweetheart.

* making plans for a new year full of GRATITUDE for the many blessings in my life.

What's going on in your nest right now? I'd love to hear from you!


amy (mama scout) said...

geocaching and questing research for an article, chicken play, migratory bird watching, and birthday celebrating!

it is beautiful in florida right now!

and your e-course sounds great!

catching caterpillars said...

oh how sweet!!! your life is so cute! so simple and beautiful! I love it!

asavoryspoonful@gmail.com said...

She is inspiring isn't she Kollene! She makes it sweet and beautiful despite the same craziness we all encounter along the way :) I bet you she is giggling readin your comments about how simple.....I love to smile and be inspired by the way she Creates simplicity and peace by willing it and working hard towards it x:)

asavoryspoonful@gmail.com said...

For my blessings and new year focuses..... Reorganizing, creating more time vs just 'finding time' with more loved ones, daily fulfillment of my do-able yet challenging resolution list, appreciating and learning more patience with my aging dog, weeding out winter vines to make way for spring flowers, and as always -adding a few new foods (veggies specifically) to my fell-in-love-with-why-didn't-I-eat-this-sooner recipe list.