Resting, Recuperating... and Releasing

There's been a lot of homemade chicken broth, cinnamon-sugar toast, and hot tea consumed in my nest over the past several days. Activities have dwindled down to excessive TV-watching (kids), obsessive laundry-doing (mama), a little book reading, some drawing, and quiet play. My big girl is out for the count with a fever and flu, so we're all quarantined inside. The little one is still hanging in, but I succumbed with a sore throat yesterday, and daddy is teetering on the edge.

This makes week four of being off our routines over here. Three weeks ago, I had surgery to remove a good amount of endometriosis from my pelvic region and uterus, as well as two ovarian cysts. The procedure went well, but was long and extensive. The week leading up to it was full of anxiety and busyness. The week following was for only resting and recuperating, as my amazing community of family and friends stepped in with child care, meals, and an abundance of well wishes. Then, a trip across the country for my husband, a weekend away for me... and now, back to resting and recuperating, once again. Sigh.

I am, by nature, a doer. I'm also a perfectionist, and prone to anxiety. I've learned, over the past few weeks, what I'm not so great at is sitting still, waiting for results, allowing messes to accumulate around me, watching schedules fall off track, and allowing healing to occur at its own pace. Relaxing is not my strong suit. So I'm working on it. I'm focusing on releasing what doesn't serve me, honoring what does, and restoring health and balance to my being... starting with chicken soup, cinnamon toast, and tea.

What are your go-to tools for releasing, relaxing, and restoring well-being?

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Amy said...

popcycles, baths and documentaries.

sending you healing wishes. all you need to do now is rest and spend time with your kids. everything else is superfluous to your health and love.